Autumn Early Years Fest

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September 22, 2018 10:00-17:00 £100

Bringing the Early Years Community together to celebrate Early Years Excellence and continue to strive forward!

We are held our first festival in May and it was such a fabulous day – Fun, chilled and full of inspired, happy attendees!

In a nutshell our festivals are designed to provide a fun networking opportunity with CPD mixed in! They give you the opportunity to plan the day the way you want it and you get out what you put in! We have stall holders, activities, mini workshops, tours of our Nursery, lunch and refreshments including some alcoholic beverages and lots more! All questions are answered so don’t be afraid to approach anyone of us who will be happy to chat about what we do! 🙂

We had immense interest in our first festival and many disappointed parties who didn’t manage to book their space so make sure you don’t miss out this time around!

Quote of the day from our May festival, “I have got more out of today than visiting Reggio itself!” (Early Years consultant)

* Under Two’s workshop

* Documentation workshop

* Our journey

* Fairy Fires

* Fun activities

* Make your own festival headband

* Festival glitter

* Festival hair braiding

* Tom Shea – The New Factory

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